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We understand that protecting your family is the most important part of home security. It’s for that reason that our basic alarm system consists of a minimum of contacts on all perimeter doors and at least one form of interior protection (motion or glass break detector).

We strive to be cutting-edge in the home security field and always employ the best hardware available to us. All of our equipment is a hybrid of wireless and hard-wired to maximize the security of your home.

Our Custom Security Package Can Include:

  • Perimeter Door / Window Sensors
  • Motion Detector / Glass Break Sensors
  • Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Cellular Communication
  • Alarm Siren
  • Backup Battery
  • Digital Keypad
  • Flood and Freeze Sensors
  • Wireless Key Fob
  • Remote Operation via App / Web Interface


We only install what we trust. With over 30 years installing custom security systems, we have tested everything on the market and we bring that knowledge to every job. Technology changes quickly and staying up to date with those changes is a crucial part of keeping your home secure.

Have an existing alarm? Outdated alarm? Installed by a different company?
No problem! We can take over your home system easily and modify it as needed.

Eaglestar Security is an Alarm.com Authorized Dealer


No phone line? No problem! Our systems can communicate over their own cell connection. This means faster communication, no lines to cut, and the ability to operate your system remotely from any device!

Always know the status of your alarm system with our app and web-based interface. Get alerted instantly via notification or email of any opening or closings and emergencies.

With Z-wave compatibility you can also operate lights and thermostats from within the same app.

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We dedicate ourselves to providing the best quality customer service available. That means prompt, friendly service, the best quality equipment and the most competitive prices. There’s a reason we’ve been protecting the businesses and homes of Central Mass for over 30 years:

We always take care of our clients.

24/7 Monitoring via C.O.P.S.

Our central station for over 20 years, C.O.P.S., handles all signals from your alarm and relays that information to you. They have the staff and infrastructure to handle any job with great care and professionalism. Our panels can communicate via telephone line or a dedicated cell connection. Call us today and speak with one of our professionals who can determine your exact needs.

Our Basic Plan is more affordable than their 'Free' Plan

Don’t get locked into a pricey contract and end up in the red! Most security companies will brag about a “free system” but don’t mention the monthly cost or the fact that you will be locked into a long-term contract paying for a service you may not be happy with.  At Eaglestar, we don’t play selling games. You own your equipment, there are no long term contracts and if you’re not happy you can switch to another company using all of the existing equipment. We do not believe it makes sense to force a customer to stay with us if they are unhappy.

We will never sell your account

Many independent security providers have been bought out by the big corporations like ADT and Brinks over the years, and their clients become line numbers in a giant database. Not us, we will never sell your account and we will always maintain a personal level of service that you just can’t find anywhere else.


We all understand that every home is different, so why do most companies sell systems that limit what gets protected in your home?

When you call us you’ll get a free consultation so that we can establish exactly what your home and your family need. Not only will you get personal service, but you’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your alarm company understands your individual needs. Security doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter system.

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